Ernie’s Bar and Pizza is back, and the kids are calling it Earnest Hall now

Like someone middle-aged who buys a car and reimagines himself, so too has Ernie’s Pizza returned to us, bearing a whole new lease on life and appearance.

Ernie’s goes by Earnest Hall these days. It acts more like a beer and food hall than a sports bar and pizza joint. It’s also doing the whole barista thing, serving craft coffee and lattes.

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Ernie’s Bar & Pizza Re-Opens at Earnest Hall in Sunnyside

A neighborhood favorite for Sunnyside residents – Ernie’s Bar & Pizza – is now open under a new name – Earnest Hall. The pizza joint closed over a year ago to repair hail damage and renovations took a bit longer than anticipated, then City Street Investors – the investment company that owns the restaurant – got an offer for the building while it was closed that ended up falling through which took up several months of negotiating. Partners Joe Vostrejs and Sterling Robinson decided that more needed to be done to the space in order to successfully reopen and breathe new life into it and the neighborhood. Robinson – who is also a partner at Billy’s Inn and Officer’s Club Lowry – started at Ernie’s a few months prior to the closure with the goal of reimagining the space. “We wanted to keep all the things that were really special about Ernie’s and improve our ability to serve the community,” said Robinson.

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From Ernie’s Pizza to Earnest Hall: Sunnyside restaurant reopening after $1M renovation

After two years of lights out, Joe Vostrejs and his team at City Street Investors are reopening their restaurant at 44th Avenue and Federal Boulevard.

But the new roof and fresh paint, part of what Vostrejs described as $1 million in renovations, aren’t the only changes.

What was previously Ernie’s Pizza & Bar is now dubbed Earnest Hall. And the restaurant now opens at 6 a.m. – to serve coffee, not slices.

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Earnest Hall Debuts This Week as an Expanded Remake of Ernie’s

When Ernie’s Bar & Pizza closed at 2915 West 44th Avenue in June 2018 to repair hail damage to the roof, the neighborhood lost a gathering spot for food and drinks with family and friends, but folks weren’t worried, because they assumed the place would soon reopen. But the months wore on and no signs of construction emerged — and then the name Earnest Hall became public, and panic began to spread on social media.

Was a beloved neighborhood pizzeria, named after Ernest Capillupo, who had run the place as a bar decades earlier, about to be replaced by some trendy new food hall? Would pizza ever return? What would become of the old-school Italian ambience that customers of 3 Sons Italian Restaurant, which moved in after the original Ernie’s closed in the mid-1980s, recalled so fondly?

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Ernie’s Bar and Pizza to reopen after renovation setbacks

After shutting down a year and a half ago for what was supposed to be a three-month renovation project, Ernie’s Bar and Pizza will soon reopen in North Denver.

The restaurant originally opened in 1943 and its proprietor, Sterling Robinson, told Denver7 that toward the end of 2017, they realized the restaurant needed to be renovated.

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