About Earnest Hall

Earnest Hall pays homage to the original Ernie’s Supper Club opened by Ernie Capillupo in this building in 1948 – and an entire generation of Italian Americans who taught us a little something about friends, family and neighbors gathering to enjoy a meal.

We hand-make our own sauce and fresh mozzarella everyday we are one of the only kitchens in Denver to still make fresh pizza dough every morning and hand-stretch that same dough to order.  Earnest Hall pours 30 beers on tap with a focus on craft brew and features a thoughtful wine list and classic cocktails.

Earnest Hall’s Coffeehouse features locally roasted coffee handcrafted by expert baristas along with pastries from our local baker.

Composting & Recycling

Earnest Hall is dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint.  We have worked hard to develop an extensive waste reduction program ad strive to compost and recycle everything we can.


For donation inquiries, please visit Earnest Hall in person with your 501(c)3 tax form and tax ID number.

Sharing is Caring

All team members at Earnest Hall are paid livable wages and we allocate all guest gratuities toward the compensation of our entire service team who are dedicated to making your dining experience with us outstanding.

Ernies Supper Club
Ernie Capillupo